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with Superior Foods Corporate Chef, Jeff Brandon

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Madeline’s Patisserie
Croissant Bun


Custom Culinary
Hollandaise Sauce
4/38 oz


Superior Select Deli
Pimento Cheese Dip & Spread
6/10 oz


Black Kassel
Picante Salami
2/2.5 lb

Say goodbye to boring sandwiches and hello to the croissant bun from Madeline’s Pâtisserie. This sandwich bun is a great way to shake things up and create something that truly stands out. Whether it’s a sweet or savory idea, this versatile bun has you covered. Chef Brandon takes things up a notch by frying up some Black Kassel picante salami to add a nice salty crunch. Repurposing charcuterie is trending on menus everywhere, and the fried picante salami not only brings a crispy texture but also a delightful touch of habanero heat. Custom Culinary‘s hollandaise base is combined with our Superior Select Deli Pimento Cheese Spread to add the finishing savory touch to this well-rounded breakfast sandwich. But, if you’re feeling adventurous, all of these elements could just as easily be used to upgrade a juicy burger patty and transform it into a flavor-packed masterpiece. The possibilities are endless!

  • The croissant bun provides versatility for both sweet and savory applications.
  • Frying the picante salami is a fun way to incorporate crispy texture.
  • Powdered habanero is used to give the salami a nice hint of heat.
  • This dish could easily incorporate a burger patty.
  • Sandwich vehicles and portable-friendly foods are still trending high.
  • The hollandaise holds like a champ and is a blank slate for a chef’s creativity to add flavorings and other inclusions.