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Value-Added Portions

Expand your fresh fish offerings with Black Pearl’s innovative Freeze-to-Thaw Program. Superior Foods only uses high quality, sustainable seafood in our production. Once our seafood is processed and packaged at our SQF facility, it is immediately frozen. It can remain frozen for several months, extending the shelf life. Once the store is ready to display the product, the case-to-cooler process is simple. The thawing process takes less than 12 hours to complete, and the product can be thawed in the display cooler.

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Value Added Portions

Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
2558Crabmeat Stuffed Atlantic Salmon1210 oz
2544Spinach & Feta Stuffed Atlantic Salmon1210 oz
2543Shallot Herb Butter Atlantic Salmon128 oz
2528White Wine & Herb Atlantic Salmon128 oz
2525Lemon Dill Butter Sockeye Salmon128 oz
2521Crabmeat Stuffed Tilapia128 oz
2559Lemon Dill Butter Cod Loin128 oz
2596Seafood Stuffed Atlantic Salmon Pinwheels1212 oz

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About The Product Line

The Black Pearl brand has been one of the most recognized and trusted names for many years in the seafood industry. Their one-of-a-kind products, like Scottish Atlantic Salmon, are synonymous with premium quality seafood. Superior Foods is now the proud exclusive provider of Black Pearl Seafoods.

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