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Zoye® Premium Vegetable Oils is Zeeland Farm Services’ brand for quality oils. Zoye offers a variety of premium oils that are cholesterol-free with a high smoke point and have extended fry life, meaning they save you money.

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Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
90804But-R-Like31 gal
91988But-R-Like (Salt & Gluten Free)31 gal
90803Everyday Liquid Fry Shortening (Brown)135 lb
90805Liquid Fry Shortening, Low-Linolenic (Orange)135 lb
90973Everyday Salad Oil135 lb


With 70 years of industry experience as a family-owned West Michigan company, ZFS has set itself apart from its competition through innovation and dedication to creating a lineup of oils that are unmatched in quality.

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