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Lane Snapper Fillets

#70270 1/10 lb.

#70257 1/5 lb.

Wild-Caught, Fresh, Boneless, Skin-On, 15-24 oz.
Product of Panama

Available Monday, July 8, 2024 (while supplies last).

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The Pacific Lane Snapper, also called ‘candy snapper’ has an almond-shaped body with a pinkish-red top, yellow to red fins, and silvery sides with yellow streaks. Fully grown, the Lane Snapper grows to around 14 inches long.


They are found along the Atlantic coast of North America down into the Caribbean and as far south as the coasts of Brazil. Most generally they live in or around reefs and vegetated sandy bottoms of inshore waters.


The Lane Snapper is not endangered and is considered a plentiful fish in it’s native habitat. They are harvested mainly from mid-spring through the end of summer but the season is year around. Typically caught through hook and line.


  • Low in calories
  • High in protein
  • Low in fat
  • Also a source of potassium

Texture & Flavor Profile:

  • A varied diet of crab and shrimp give it a great taste
  • Sweet flavor with firm and flaky flesh
  • A mild, delicate flavor that makes it versatile to cook

Recommended Cooking Methods:

Grilling, broiled, deep-frying, crudo

Lane Snapper Sell Sheet

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