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Golden Tilefish Fillets

Fresh, Skin-On, Boneless, Hand-Cut, Wild-Caught,
Product of USA

Available Thursday, September 7, 2023 (while supplies last).

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Sometimes known as “the clown of the sea”, the Golden Tilefish are colorful with iridescent blue-green backs, bright yellow and gold spots, and a distinguishable large crest on their heads. They can grow up to 43 inches in length, but they average size is around 24 inches.


Found throughout the East Coast of the U.S. and Gulf of Mexico. They live in deep waters (250 to 1,500 ft.). They live around rock beds and vertical burrows.


Management councils controls catch limits and fishing times throughout the habitats of the Tilefish. Main fishing is in the Mid-Atlantic/southern New England areas. The majority of commercial harvesting is through bottom longline fishing.

Nutrition Facts:

  • Good source of Vitamin B-12
  • High in protein
  • High in Selenium
  • High in Mercury levels (pregnant and nursing women, along with children should avoid)

Texture & Flavor Profile:

  • Moist and tender
  • Firm, flaky, white flesh
  • Rich and buttery flavor
  • Mildly sweet

Recommended Cooking Methods:

Pan-searing, baking, grilling, steamed, poached

Tilefish Sell Sheet

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