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A national leader in premium seafood products with a global reputation for quality, innovation, and sustainability. Harvest of the Shrimp are the perfect protein for every menu. Their products deliver exceptional quality and consistency that your customers will appreciate.

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Harvest of the Sea Shrimp

Peeled & Deveined Tail-On

Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
9308Raw Tiger Shrimp P&D Tail-On 13-15 ct52 lb
9307Raw Shrimp P&D Tail-On 16-20 ct101 lb
9010Raw Shrimp P&D Tail-On 21-25 ct101 lb
9015Raw Shrimp P&D Tail-On 21-25 ct52 lb
9034Raw Shrimp P&D Tail-On 26-30 ct101 lb
9045Raw Shrimp P&D Tail-On 31-40 ct101 lb
9306Raw Shrimp P&D Tail-On 41-50 ct101 lb

Peeled & Deveined Tail-Off

Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
9062Raw Shrimp P&D Tail-Off 41-50 ct101 lb
9169Raw Shrimp P&D Tail-Off 71-90 ct52 lb

EZ Peel

Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
9089Raw Shrimp EZ 16-20 ct101 lb
9300Raw Shrimp EZ 21-25 ct101 lb
9100Raw Shrimp EZ 26-30 ct101 lb

Cooked Shrimp

Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
9105Cooked Shrimp Tail-On 26-30 ct52lb
9107Cooked Shrimp Tail-On 16-20 ct101 lb
9113Cooked Shrimp Tail-On 41-50 ct52 lb
9120Cooked Shrimp Tail-On 26-30 ct101 lb
9141Cooked Shrimp Tail-On 41-50 ct101 lb
9149Cooked Shrimp Tail-Off 150-200 ct101 lb
9166Cooked Shrimp Tail-On 31-40 ct101 lb
9302Cooked Shrimp Tail-On 21-25 ct101 lb
9305Cooked Shrimp Tail-Off 71-90 ct101 lb

Harvest of the Sea

  • Peeled & deveined shrimp
  • A fully traceable journey from farm/table to plate

  • True Weights, True Size, True counts

  • Available with tail-on or tail-off

  • Reduced Moisture

Harvest of the Sea

Since 1960, Harvest of the Sea has been a privately-owned company that is a national leader in premium seafood products. Their reputation and long-standing relationships are global, and they are best known for their quality, transparency and sustainability. Their culture is based on innovation and our ability to provide customized, value-added solutions whether a retail or wholesale distributor, a food service entity or a meal kit company. They are proud that our sales team is made up of culinary experts who are passionate about seafood and creative in their approach at every level of product development, prep and delivery to your customers.

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