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Kurobuta Pork

This is American Kurobuta that comes from Snake River Farms which produces 100% purebred Berkshire pork. Highly regarded for it’s internal marbling this pork has cultivated an international following for its juicy tenderness and intense flavor.

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Kurobuta (Stocked)

Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
89155Kurobuta Pork Rib Chop, Center Cut, Bone-in110 lb
90148Kurobuta Pork Loin Rack, Center Cut, Bone-in48 lb
90200Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin52 lb
290148Kurobuta Pork Rack18 lb

Kurobuta (Special Order)

Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
6206Single Rib Pork Belly, Frozen28 lb
88504Semi-Frenched Pork Chop1020 oz
88506Bacon, Thick Cuts, 14-16 ct101.5 lb
88535Semi-Frenched Pork Chop1412 oz
88549Long Bone Pork Chop120 lb
88559Semi-Frenched Pork Chop110 lb
89037Pork Loin Chops110 lb
90258Pork Short Rib, Frozen93 lb
97010Pork Loin with Belly Porchetta218 lb
97149Boneless Ham18 lb
97150Bone-in Ham, 1/2 Cut28.5 lb
97249Petite Karver Ham10 3 lb
97426Boneless Pork Loin63 lb
97465Pork Shortloin45 lb
097149Boneless Ham18 lb
290148Pork Rack18 lb