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Restaurant’s Pride spices and seasonings are made with strict specifications so that you can unleash the full potential of your culinary creations.

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Restaurant’s Pride

Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
49100Whole Basil Leaves 15 oz
49101Whole Bay Leaves12 oz
49102Fine Dark Chili Powder118 oz
49103Korintje Ground Cinnamon116 oz
49105Whole Fennel114 oz
49107Granulated Garlic17 lb
49108Jamaican Jerk Seasoning122 oz
49109Ground Mustard116 oz
49110Finest Paprika116 oz
49112Ground Black Pepper15 lb
491131/2 Cracked Black Pepper116 oz
49114Whole Black Pepper116 oz
49115Ground Red Cayenne Pepper116 oz
49119Tarragon Leaves14 oz
49120Thyme Leaves16 oz
49122Low Sodium Cajun Seasoning121 oz
49124Blackened Seasoning120 oz
49125Garlic Powder119 oz
49126Ground Cumin116 oz
49128Quebec Steak Seasoning126 oz
49135Freeze Dried Chieves11 oz
49140Lemon Pepper 120 oz
49143Onion Powder120 oz
49144Oregano Leaf15 oz
49145Parsley Flakes1 2 oz
49153Crushed Red Pepper 112 oz
49155Salad Cheese Seasoning120 oz
49163Gourmet Garlic Seasoning136 oz
49175BBQ with Smoke Seasoning124 oz
49168Italian Herb Seasoning15 oz
49169Coarse Black Pepper116 oz

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