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The Atalanta Corporation is a food importer specializing in cheese and deli items. Based in Elizabeth, New Jersey, it was founded in 1945 and has grown into one of the largest privately held food importers in the United States. Atalanta sources products globally, importing a wide range of cheeses, meats, and other specialty food items from Europe and beyond. They supply these products to supermarkets, specialty food stores, and foodservice providers across North America. Atalanta is known for its extensive product range, quality sourcing, and longstanding relationships with suppliers and customers in the food industry.

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Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
8003Santa Marta Meseta Manchego Cheese, Aged 4 months27 lb
2684Beemster Cheese, Aged 26 months16 lb
95524Green Island Blue Cheese16 lb
8353Eiffel Tower Double Cream Brie12.2 lb
95511Zerto Parmigiano Reggiano110 lb
3210Centro Form Pecorino with Truffel22.2 lb


Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
10086Black Kassel Picante Salami22.5 lb
2692Fontana Prosciutto Deli Loaf110.5 lb
95505Don Juan Iberico Chorizo42.5 lb
2691Black Kassel Old Forest Salami22.25 lb
10135Coppa Piacentina D.O.P.42 lb


Item #Item DescriptionPackSize
2687Casa Diva Mild Banana Pepper Rings41 gal
3322Del Destino Quartered Artichoke Hearts688 oz
2708Del Destino Diced Sundried Tomatoes45 lb
1785Diced Red Peppadew Peppers2105 oz
3738Del Destino Oven-Roasted Tomatoes835 oz
2710Del Destino Fire Roasted Red Pepper Slices63 kg
95515Fruto d'Italia Country Mix Olives, Pitted22 kg
5197Del Destino Pomace Olive Oil61 gal
2686A L'Olivier White Truffle Olive Oil68.4 oz
6369Dalmatia Fig Spread43.5 lb
2689Riso Toro Arborio Rice25 kg
10236La Rose Noire Assorted Mini Cheese Cakes196 ct
10232La Rose Noire Macaron Mini Assortments1126 ct


Atalanta Corporation primarily operates as a distributor and importer of specialty foods, rather than as a consumer-facing brand itself. The company’s focus is on sourcing and distributing high-quality cheeses, deli meats, and other specialty food products from around the world. They supply these items to retail stores, foodservice providers, and wholesalers across North America.

While Atalanta itself may not be widely recognized as a consumer brand, many of the products they distribute are well-known and respected in the culinary world. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of cheeses, charcuterie, antipasti, and other gourmet items that cater to both mainstream and niche markets within the food industry.

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