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Facilities & Capabilities

We have consistently and continuously made investments in our infrastructure in order to better meet our customers’ needs, assure the safest environment possible for our employees and the food we produce, and strive to have the most efficient production capabilities we possibly can.


Our highly skilled Seafood division is set up to process large amounts of fresh and frozen seafood quickly and efficiently on a daily basis for both our Foodservice and Retail customers.

  • xx,xxx sf processing room
  • SQF Certified Operations
  • FDA Inspected
  • Automated and semi-automated processing lines
  • Customized Portioning
  • IQF Tunnel Freezer
  • Multiple retail packaging capabilities (skin-pack, 10-K Film ….)
  • Versatile retail package labeling

Fresh Meats

We continue to enhance the production capabilities of our Fresh Meat division with increased automation and additional resources to continue to deliver consistent, value-added, and top-quality products.

  • Two FDA & USDA inspected fresh meat rooms (xx,xxx sf)
  • SQF Certified Operations
  • Certified Angus Beef (CAB) approved
  • Customized Foodservice Vacuum Packaged Program
  • High volume semi-automated processing
  • MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) capabilities
  • Set & Random Weight retail labeling


With the addition of our new 26,000 sf. ready-to-eat production facility, our capabilities continue to expand. We are now more scalable and have become much more efficient which will allow us to develop more value-added products.

  • 26,000 sf. USDA certified Ready-To-Eat facility
  • SQF Certified Operations
  • Multiple machine production lines
  • Fully automated & semi-automated production
  • High-Pressure Processing (HPP) abilities
  • Enhanced Metal Detection
  • Private labeling & Co-Packing
  • High-speed labeling machines

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