Superior Seafood

The Ultimate How-To Guide on Preparing Seafood

Red King Crab

King Crab is renowned worldwide for it’s larger than life size, sweet taste, and abundance of nutritional benefits. Superior Foods partners with premium processors of King Crab and are able to provide consumers the best variety of options as possible including legs, legs & claws, clusters, and portions.

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Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon

Superior Foods is dedicated to providing you the freshest and most environmentally sourced salmon possible. Our Sockeye Salmon is 100% wild caught Alaska and our Atlantic Salmon comes from eco-friendly farms that meet our sustainable sourcing standards.

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Can you name America’s most popular seafood? That’s right, it’s shrimp! These ever-popular crustaceans are known for their multiple varieties and numerous uses. With over 300 species, numerous sizes, and several options like head-on, tail-off, easy to peel, and peeled and deviened, purchasing shrimp can easily become a bit oerwhelming.

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Coldwater Lobster

Our Maine lobsters have been harvested from well-managed and sustainable fisheries in an environmentally conscious fashion. It’s part of Superior Foods (seafood) standards to source lobsters in an eco-friendly way that helps protect and maintain the environment.

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As with all Superior Foods suppliers, we source our scallops from partners that have the same high standards that we do. Our premium scallops are natural, fresh (never frozen) and unadulterated. The result is the most consistent, highest quality, and best tasting scallops possible.

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