Superior Select Seafood Sourcing Stories


At Presteve, they take sustainability very seriously. Their fishing methods ensure the long-term vitality of our Great Lakes. Presteve harvests, processes, and distribute Walleye and Yellow Perch from Lake Erie, and Whitefish from Lake Huron. These fish carry the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification of sustainability. This is the premium global standard for sustainable fisheries throughout the seafood community. Through their responsible management, they take extra care to stabilize fish populations and maintain healthy marine ecosystems.

Only with suppliers and fishermen who share our strict standards for Country of Origin compliance, Presteve consults with specialists in our field to ensure all necessary rulings and trends that affect sustainability are practiced.

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High Liner Foods

For them, sustainability is a commitment that stretches from the sea to your table, and into tomorrow. High Liner Foods aims to provide exceptional seafood for generations to come, never putting any species or environments at risk for short-term gain. With every step they take forward, they ensure that their footprint is minimal, and the sea’s harvest will be better tomorrow.

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Harvest of the Sea

An early pioneer of importing farm raised seafood from Asia for almost 40 years. They are a pioneer and industry leader in premium shrimp and many other seafood products.  Their focus of quality assurance is has set global standards throughout the industry.  This commitment on quality has been the building block of Superior Foods relationship with Harvest of the Sea.

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