Seafood Packaged Solutions

Superior Foods has perfected our salmon portions, stuffing varieties and packaged seafoods. Whether you like the rich flavor of Salmon or the savory taste of our stuffing varieties, either of these delectable items would be a great addition to retail seafood cases or any restaurant menu.

Gourmet Stuffed Entrées

Our stuffed entrées are a great source of protein. Choose between Altantic Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Pollock or Tilapia combined with our gourmet stuffings. Delicious and healthy, these seafood entrées are in a class all of their own.


Marinated Salmon Fillets

Superior Select marinated salmon fillets are made with 100% farm raised Atlantic salmon. Rich, flaky salmon is combined with our sweet and rich marinades, Flavorful and healthy, our marinated fillets are a perfect addition to your seafood offerings.


Fillet & Portions

Available refrigerated or frozen, our Superior Select fillets are processed in a SQF-certified, MSC and ASC compliant facility.


Seafood Burgers

Perfect for summertime grilling, these versatile burgers will quickly become a family favorite. And they are easy to cook–grill, bake or cook them in a skillet!