Since 1934, Roland Foods has inspired people around the world to explore their culinary passions with our portfolio of premium global ingredients. Our dedicated team continues to cultivate multigenerational vendor relationships, allowing us to source and distribute high quality products at scale.
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Thai Style Sweet Chili Sauce

6/4.85 lb

With its sweet and piquant zesty kick of flavor, Roland® Thai Style Chili Sauce is a simple and delicious accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes. This vividly colored sauce has visible chili pepper bits and garlic pieces, creating a rustic texture that is a vibrant addition to Asian and contemporary cuisine. Its sweet chili flavor is perfect for dunking grilled or fried seafood and chicken wings, dumplings, or spring rolls.


Water Chestnuts (Diced/Boiled)

6/6.37 lb

Roland® Diced Water Chestnuts are the edible tubers of a water plant indigenous to southeast Asia. The water chestnut is peeled and canned in various sized cans. Water chestnuts are generally the size of a nickel approximately 1/8 inch thick.


Grained Dijon Mustard

6/8.56 lb

Grained Dijon Mustard, made from the seeds of mustard greens, has a more textured and slightly milder taste than typical Dijon mustards. It adds a pop of texture and peppery flavor to marinades, vinaigrettes and sandwiches.