Jack's Catch Crabmeat

Item #:  3225, 3226, 3227, 3228, 3258
Pack/Size: 12/16 oz.

Newport International has been a leading provider of seafood from it’s beginning in 1964.  Through it’s dedication to the highest quality products, exceptional service, and unwavering sustainability, Newport has strived to be the best in class.

Jack’s Catch is a brand of Newport International that specializes in supplying a variety of crabmeats to a customer base that includes restaurants, supermarkets, distributors, and manufacturers throughout the US.

Below is the product line of crabmeat that Superior Foods currently carries:

  • #3225 – Claw Crabmeat
  • #3226 – Special Crabmeat
  • #3227 – Super Lumb Crabmeat
  • #3228 – Jumbo Lumb Crabmeat
  • #3258 – Jumbo Lump (Portunus Haanii) Crabmeat

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