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Terra Medi is a unique brand of high quality authentic Greek gourmet products that are 100% natural. They are produced with the authentic traditional methods of an ancient heritage, and packaged according to today’s highest standards.

Not all extra virgin olive oils are the same. In fact, they vary in both quality and taste, based on climate, olive variety, and cultivation and pressing methods.

Aiming for excellence through authenticity, we are committed to bringing the real taste of Greece to your table!

Soul of Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100%, 4/3 liter

Like liquid gold, Terra Medi extra virgin olive oil is the pure essence of Koroneiki olives from Greece’s balmy Peloponnesian peninsula. The finest olives ripened under the Mediterranean sun are chosen from a variety of orchards. The earliest crop of olives is harvested by hand and immediately cold pressed, producing a richly flavored, extra virgin olive oil. With an acidity of less than 0.5%, it is smooth and subtle enough to please most American consumers.

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