New Product Innovations

At Superior, we embrace the challenges of our ever changing industry; with that change comes the need to define and develop new or improved products for our customers.

Founders Beer Cheese Dip

Founders Brewing Company has worked hard to be recognized as one of the top breweries in the United States. Consistently ranked in the top 100 beers of the world, Founders now counts itself among the largest craft breweries in the country. Focusing on quality and innovation, Founders is a product driven company. Not only is importance placed on sustainability and brand building but also improving the lifestyles and environment in their community. Superior Foods Company and Founders have similar goals when it comes to providing the best products to their customers. We are excited to announce our exclusive partnership to bring you their most popular appetizer – Beer Cheese Dip! Packaged in a microwavable container, preparation is easy, simply “heat & eat” and this famous dip is now ready to pair with your favorite Founders craft beer!