Customer Spotlight: The English Inn


Date: May 24, 2021

Eaton Rapids, MI

Located along the Grand River in Eaton Rapids, Michigan sits a place where time has stood still and where the past seems to become present. The place is called The English Inn and its roots date back to 1927 when this 10,000 square foot house (named Meovue Estate) was built for Oldsmobile automotive leader, Irving Jacob Reuter. Many things have changed between now and then but one thing that has remained is the undeniable spirit of this place which has helped The English Inn stand the test of time. Now, the Inn welcomes guests as the area’s premier B&B, fine dining restaurant & pub, and event venue.

The second you step foot in The English Inn’s foyer, you feel the elegance and the calm nature of this place. There’s an inviting warmth that allows you to be completely in the moment. This charm has been cultivated through many years and can be witnessed in all aspects of the Inn. The antiques, fireplaces, landscaping, and woodwork throughout help create the character of the Inn for all visitors. Equally important are the superior hospitality and fine dining that has become synonymous with the Inn’s foundation as the bricks that it is built upon.

The individual charged with ensuring that the dining experience of every guest at the Inn meets or exceeds expectations is Executive Chef, Robert Shipman. Chef Robert has been at The English Inn since 2014. His culinary experiences including French and Asian cuisine have helped him become a unique fit at the Inn. Even more so, he, like many guests, has felt the spirit of the place, which fuels his passion daily. When talking to him, you get the sense of ownership that he takes with making the food and service the best possible for the guests. His culinary expertise can be seen with everything from small changes to signature dishes like the Lobster Stuffed Walleye to his unique twist on well-known dishes like Chicken Cordon Bleu. He has been able to stay true to what guests have expected while finding ways to create one-of-a-kind gourmet dishes.

The Inn itself is composed of many rooms throughout. On the main level, you’ll find the main indoor dining areas as well as the kitchen. A staircase from the main entrance leads you up to the second floor where the B&B guest rooms are located. The basement level is home to the Library room and the Pub. The Pub is exactly what you would expect out of an English pub. It’s a quaint and intimate space that provides the perfect area for casual gatherings while enjoying popular pub fare like fish and chips and Shepherd’s Pie.

Unfortunately during the last year, the MDHHS regulations have caused the Pub to temporarily close and has limited the seating within the main dining areas. The English Inn team saw this challenge as an opportunity, though. The Inn is offering outdoor dining experiences that are truly unparalleled. Six outdoor conservatory greenhouses align the back patio of the Inn. Each is adorned with its own tabletop fireplace, private seating, and a view of the Inn’s beautiful grounds. The outdoor seating has been a huge success over the past few months and Chef Robert sees them as a part of the Inn’s dining experience into the future (post-pandemic). This is just one of many examples that make The English Inn a one-of-kind destination.


English Inn Prim Rib

This signature entree truly embodies what The English Inn is all about. Much like the Inn itself, their prime rib is simple with no added frills. It perfectly meshes with the elegance that this place exudes. Served with Yorkshire pudding, this dish truly takes you to a place in time where you could imagine being served this meal at a manor in the English countryside. Chef Robert uses the Angus Beef Ribeye (#90102) from Superior Foods for this showcased dish because of its consistency and value. Cooked as a prime rib allows for the true quality of this product to shine.

677 S. Michigan Rd., Eaton Rapids, MI •

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