Customer Spotlight – Tavern 109


Date: September 8, 2022

A True Labor of Love

Started as a restoration project, the building where Tavern 109 now stands was once home to the National Bank in downtown Williamston, MI. When owner Bonnie Warmels took on this project over a decade ago, she had a vision in mind of a classic tavern with a bit of a twist. That vision has grown into a labor of love not only for her but her staff and it shows through with the inviting environment, exceptional service, and creative menu.

A true labor of love is evident through observation of what that labor of love has produced. This could not be more true in the case of Tavern 109. Many components have come together to make it what it is today. The building both inside and out was restored with the idea of keeping the original charm of the historical landmark. Exposed brick walls, plank wood floors, and columns were all preserved and now highlight the tavern’s interior. These elements give the tavern that old-time pub feel the minute you walk through the doors.

One of the largest aspects of Tavern 109 is Bonnie’s right-hand person, General Manager Denise Okopski, who is the orchestrator of the tavern. Denise has truly been the person who has made Bonnie’s vision a reality. The character and attitude of this place are palpable and this is all in part to Denise. For the last 10 years, Denise’s charisma has given this place its true identity and is what thousands of patrons have come to expect ever since Tavern 109 opened its doors.

Last but certainly not least is the food at the tavern. The fare of Tavern 109 consists of many pub favorites but with a creative twist to them. Since the onset, the vision was to create an upscale bar menu that is both consistent in quality and flavor.

In addition, they have emphasized the importance of using local and sustainably sourced items when possible. These principles and standards are what helped convince Chris Landells to accept the position as Executive Chef right around one year ago.

From that time, Chef Chris has elevated the offerings at Tavern 109 to another level. His past experiences working under James Beard Award-winning chefs and working at high-profile Chicago restaurants, have given him an ability to create one-of-a-kind dishes while still being able to provide value to customers. Superior Foods has been fortunate enough to work with Chef Chris on some of these new and innovative offerings at Tavern 109. As with many restauranteurs and chefs, consistent pricing, availability, and quality have become increasingly important over the last couple of years. The team at Superior Foods has worked especially hard over these last few years with a labor of love to be that dependable partner for many establishments just like Tavern 109 has done over the years for its patrons.

Tavern 109 exemplifies the type of customer that Superior wants to work with. They are a testament to a team being led with a purpose and commitment to their vision. The true success of this can be seen each day when happy patrons walk out of their doors.


Crusted Atlantic Salmon

Verlasso Salmon

Dijon crusted Verlasso®️ salmon with sautéed spinach, mashed potatoes, house-made pickled cucumbers, and miso orange beurre blanc

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