Customer Spotlight: Salt & Pepper Savory Grill and Pub


Date: April 14, 2021

Holland, MI

Salt & Pepper opened in 2010 with a simple philosophy: They are dedicated to bringing great food and hospitality to their community. Salt & Pepper was created as a place to share their love for amazing food in a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Featuring interesting takes on classic pub favorites such as Prime Rib and Burgers and Fries, they aim to offer a variety of exciting options that put the color back in your life.

As you pull into the parking lot of Salt & Pepper, your first impression will not encompass what you’re about to find out as a customer of this pub. As you walk through the doors though, you immediately feel a welcoming sense from the place. From the attentive staff to the décor, Salt & Pepper has that warm and inviting environment that a true pub offers. None of this is by accident. Owner Mike Karas has intentionally built Salt & Pepper on the concepts of providing their community a place that is comforting, with great service and high quality food and drinks.

Mike is a restauranteur with an entrepreneurial spirit that can be seen in all aspects of Salt & Pepper. He strives to be a leader in innovation and creativity with the restaurant. Over the last year, this has been showcased with the pub’s Covid-19 strategies. From the curbside pickup and online ordering, to the UV-light air purifiers that have been installed, all changes have been based around making sure that the customer feels comfortable. This innovation can also be observed with the marketing efforts of the restaurant. Their social media, email marketing, rewards program, and the newly developed Salt & Pepper app have all been important aspects of not only the communication with customers, but developing a long lasting relationship with them.

Their customer-first approach can also be seen in the menu. Chef Micky Johnson, who helped open Salt & Pepper back in 2010 is now back as the Executive Chef after being away to teach culinary arts for a few years. Chef Micky has developed a menu that is inviting to pretty much anyone. He has found the sweet spot of being able to serve burgers and sandwiches that all great pubs have, but also providing an upscale touch with dinner entrees that display his culinary expertise. It’s a delicate balance that he looks at as an opportunity to set the restaurant apart from its competition. Important aspects of this are providing menu items that are both consistent and high quality for a reasonable price. Both Chef Micky and Mike emphasized that this is one of the main reasons they source specific products from Superior Foods. A product that highlights this perfectly is the River City Meats Kobe sizzler steaks that they purchase from Superior. In their words, these steaks are competitively price-driven for the quality and consistency that they have. This has allowed Salt & Pepper to put a premium steak entrée on the menu for under $19 which is almost unheard of currently.

Whether you’re a restauranteur or on the retail side of the food business, many principles can be taken from what owner Mike Karas and his staff have created with Salt & Pepper. It’s not always about the initial impression when driving into a parking lot. Sometimes the quality and value are in the details and that’s where Salt & Pepper is second to none.


Boursin Kobe Sirloin

This dinner entrée begins with an 8 oz. Snake River Farms (SRF) Kobe Black sizzler steak that is topped with tomato bacon jam and creamy Boursin cheese and served over sauteed sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and spinach. This dish incorporates the quality and value that Salt & Pepper prides itself on while showcasing the culinary excellence of Chef Micky and his staff. Learn more about this versatile steak from River City Meats along with other great options by talking to your Superior Foods sales representative.

11539 E. Lakewood Blvd #50, Holland, MI •

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