Customer Spotlight: Ludington Meat Company


Date: August 11, 2022

Pictured (left to right) Alec & Jessica Sanders, Laura & Corey Sanders

New to the North,

Ludington Meat Company is your one-stop shop destination.  Featuring a unique shopping experience, combining quality meats and groceries, a deli, butcher counter, smokehouse, and taproom, Corey and Alec Sanders, along with their wives Laura (Corey) and Jessica (Alec) have turned their many years of growing up in the industry into a premium market of their own, serving the Ludington, Michigan area.

The concept of Ludington Meat Company got its start many years ago, as brothers Corey and Alec talked about how, along with their wives, they wanted to create, operate, and own their own unique meat market someday.  The perfect location for a storefront became available to occupy when an old Staples office supplies store located off of US 10 in Ludington decided to close its doors.  In February of 2021, Superior Sales Representative Russ Kellicut connected with the couples at the vacant, cold 14,600 square-foot building, Ludington Meat Company got its first unofficial start.  “It has always been a lifelong dream to open a premier meat market destination in our beautiful hometown of Ludington,” said Corey Sanders, “We are thrilled to bring a new brand of quality meat products to this part of Michigan to serve our community and those who visit.”

The relationship that has been built between Superior Foods and Ludington Meat Company has been something special for both parties since the beginning.  When asked, the couples emphasized the role Russ has played in helping bring their dream to life.  They stated that Russ has been a part of their journey since the very beginning, adding that Superior Foods in general has done so many things to improve and broaden Ludington Meat Company’s extensive product line through not only beef and local pork offerings, but with amazing fish and seafood options as well. “Russ has been there with us through it all.  He’s been such a great resource for us, an amazing friend and vendor,” Laura Sanders said when asked about their experience working with Superior.  We, at Superior Foods, feel the same about the relationship with the Sanders and Ludington Meat Company family.

The quality of products that Ludington Meat Company aims to serve its customers directly aligns with the products that we sell our customers.  Snake River Farms, a specialty beef line through AB Foods, is stocked in variety behind the meat counter at Ludington Meats.  Seeing products that we stand behind on their shelves and being served in their in-store restaurant is something we take pride in and get excited about.  The success of our customers is our success.  We are confident Ludington Meat Company will continue to rise to the top and become a leader among specialty markets in northern Michigan.

Featured Ludington Meat Company Products:

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