Customer Spotlight: Boathouse Restaurant


Date: October 20, 2021


Traverse City, MI

All communities have that one restaurant that is the go-to place for special occasions. In Traverse City, MI this place is the Boathouse Restaurant. Located roughly halfway up the west coast of the Old Mission peninsula, the Boathouse looks out over scenic Bowers Harbor. The exceptional view and transcending environment definitely play a part in what makes up the uniqueness of this destination restaurant. Expectations are set high as you make the beautiful drive north from Traverse City through the orchards and wineries along M-37. For the last 17+ years, owner and operator Doug Kosch has not only taken on this challenge but has elevated what a dining experience is at the Boathouse.

Since Doug has taken over, there has been a focus on deliberate thought for all aspects of the restaurant. From the decor and landscaping down to the Kid’s menu, there’s an intention to make sure that all guests’ perception of this place is the reality that Doug and his staff are striving for. This attention to detail has built what the Boathouse is today, which is a casual upscale dining atmosphere that is welcoming to all of it’s guests. Over the last three years, Chef Samuel Plamondon has been responsible for the food experience at the Boathouse. Chef Samuel has created a menu that is balanced between classical dishes like Oysters Rockefeller to more adventurous and creative dishes like their sea Scallops served on top of lobster cakes. The goal of each dish at the Boathouse is to leave each guest believing that their meal was composed with the same intention and thought that goes into all aspects of the restaurant.

This dedication to creating a fulfilling experience at the Boathouse has many layers to it. At Superior Foods, we are fortunate to play a small role in this. Sale Representative Travis Murdock has developed a relationship with both Doug and Chef Samuel that is based on trust. This relationship between Travis and the Boathouse has had utmost importance over the last couple of years where shortages and delays have become the norm for all of us in the food industry. Being able to focus on problem-solving through great communication with Travis has helped Chef Samuel meet the high-quality standards of the Boathouse while still meeting bottom-line goals through these undefined times.

With the scenic drive through wine country to the stunning northern Michigan sunset, it’s easy to sell the Boathouse as a special destination. Creating a casual ‘come as you want’ atmosphere with a fine dining menu is not quite as easy though. It’s a testament to the leadership of Doug and Chef Samuel and the dedication of their staff. This combination of their location and focus has produced many memorable birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations and if that doesn’t define success, I’m not sure what does.

14039 Peninsula Drive, Traverse City, MI  49686

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