Birthday Tribute – Bruce

Author: Samantha Osterhaven

Date: July 19, 2021

Turning 85 in Heaven

85 years. When you really stop to think about it – that is a long time. 85 years of life being lived to the fullest. 85 years of hardships coming and going. 85 years of challenges starting a business “outside of town”, but also 85 years of seeing your many hours of labor come into full fruition. 85 years of laughter, joy and celebrations. 85 years is a lot of life to live.

Friday July 16th, we as a Superior family would have joined in celebrating 85 years of you. We would have thanked you again for helping create the legacy that you did in the “fresh fish world” within west Michigan. Because of your passion, determination, desire and grit, Superior Foods was born. Because you were brave and took a risk – you were able to provide employment opportunities for over 3 generations. Because you refused to take “no” for an answer, a small market selling fish and chips turned into a company that has been servicing the Midwest for over 7 decades. We at Superior are proud to help continue the legacy that you started. You may no longer be with us physically, but we carry you with us in each interaction we have with our customers, each decision we make as a company, in all the setbacks, and in all victories. We are truly thankful for you today, and every day. Happy 1st Birthday in Heaven, Bruce. Thank you for establishing what it means to be a leader, and for chasing your dream. We wouldn’t be here without you and promise to keep your 50th birthday wish alive: “…pretty please sell more fish.”

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